Do you accept late entries?  If spots are available, we will accept late entries.

What is your refund deadline?  100% Refund if canceled due to Covid.

How do you place out awards?  
Level 1-3:  100 % Event and All Around; Levels 4-5:  75% Event and 100% All Around;
Optionals (6-10):  50% Event and 100% All Around;
Bronze 100% Event and All Around, Silver & Gold:  75% Event and 100% All Around;
 Platinum & Diamond: 50% Event and 100 % All Around

Can our gymnasts compete in USAG and AAU Sessions?​  Absolutely!​ Coaches and athletes need to have both USAG and AAU memberships.  To obtain an AAU membership go to AAUgymnastics.org